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The Benefits of Vehicle Branding

You see branded vehicles all around you every day and, if you own a business you’ve probably wondered whether branding your vehicle is a good investment. The simple answer is yes. Adding graphics to your work vehicles turns a vehicle that once got you and your gear from point A to point B into a constant marketing tool. Not convinced? Here are some great benefits to vehicle branding:


Vehicle wraps are considered a form of Out of Home Advertising (OOH Advertising). In short, it’s a form of advertising we see all around us outside of our homes. When you are driving your work vehicle around town it’s an opportunity to get eyeballs on your brand. According to Roadmark, Inc, you can get more than 100 impressions per mile.  That means for every mile you drive to a job or delivery site; more than 100 people see your company name. 

Targeted Audience

If you have any kind of service business you probably spend a lot of time parked at a job site.  Whether your business is dog-grooming, window cleaning, grocery delivery, construction, or automotive, branding your vehicle not only means people see who you are, but it becomes a marketing opportunity that can turn into a referral.

Local Marketing

When you are driving around the geographical area you are servicing, you’re putting your brand out there to your local market. For service businesses, customers typically like to work with a local company, so use that to your advantage. Vehicle wraps allow your brand to meet your potential customers, literally, where they are.


Your vehicle is a blank canvas so there is plenty of room for creativity with the artwork, whether you prefer a few decals or a complete wrap. OOH advertising is less invasive than radio, tv, print or digital ads so there’s more opportunity to get creative without being in-your-face.  Investing in your vehicle is a sign to others that you take your business seriously, how you present your vehicle shows pride in who you are and what you do.

Instant Marketing

A branded work vehicle gives you instant gratification; no waiting or hoping someone sees your social post, Google ad, or commercial.  The minute your vehicle is on the road you are marketing, being seen and growing your brand awareness.  Customers like this type of advertising as it demands nothing from them.

Recalled Marketing

Professionals can work with you to design the right graphics for your work vehicle, producing a result that will turn heads and get you noticed.  Recent studies show that more than 80% of people who notice ads on vehicles, can remember them days later and, unlike other outdoor advertising such as billboards etc.

Cost Effective

With other outdoor advertising, there’s a need for constant updating, creating recurring costs. Vehicle graphics can last for at least 5 years making it a great investment for a fraction of the cost. A full wrap also provides protection for your vehicle, making it a two-for-one. 

Now that you see the benefits of vehicle wraps, you may be asking yourself what kind of wrap works best for me?

When considering the graphics, you would like on your vehicles, here are a key pointers to keep in mind:

  • When it comes to information, less is more. Oftentimes people are seeing your vehicle in passing so provide only the critical information. A logo & a call to action are a great start.

    • Keep in mind the logo is part of your identity and your branding and  is really important, so make sure it’s prominent in your design.  

    • A call to action is key as you want people to connect with you.  Including a phone number is good but we generally remember websites more easily so adding your URL is a must.  

  • A full vinyl wrap will protect your vehicle’s bodywork from scratches and dings caused by grit and stones flying up from the road keeping your investment safe and resale value at its highest.  If you have older vehicles then a wrap will provide a completely new and updated look.  

  • Work with a full-service printer, like Landmark Grafix, that has the capabilities to create your vehicle wrap from beginning to end. Knowing what kind of graphics, materials and installation process works for your car, van or truck, can further strengthen your advertising investment.

There are only advantages to adding graphics to your work vehicles and making them work for you. Wraps are not just for large companies with fleets of vehicles.  If you want to stand out from the crowd and your competition, consider vehicle branding and get the attention your business deserves. 

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