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Marketing Your Small Business During COVID-19

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended many lives and businesses - changing the way we socialize, educate, and go about our daily lives. For small businesses like retailers, restaurants, and service providers, regular customer communication, with the latest information and safety protocols is now a priority and is critical to keeping the doors open. Customers want to support local businesses right now so reminding them we are here and what we do is also important. Today more than ever, businesses and customers need each other, and marketing for small businesses is about letting your customers know you’re here for them.

Like you, customers are also navigating these uncertain times, and acting like a partner can bring a much needed level of comfort. Whether it’s providing a service like health care, education, a meal, or the new pair of sweats to make them feel cozy, our customers just need one less thing to worry about. Communicating to them that you are helping to minimize the risk is a way to show partnership. It’s important to keep customers informed, updated and, sometimes just checking in to see how they are doing and showing appreciation.

Adapting to Covid-19 policies, guidelines, and protocols means a constant change of information and staying on top of that is key. Customers need to know that you’re open, when you’re open, and what your policies are. Are your employees staying safe? Do you have measures in place for social distancing? Are you doing what you can to minimize the spread of the virus? It’s an unspoken question of what are you doing to help them worry about one less thing.

Whatever industry you are in, this is a lot to keep up with, so we’ve put together a few tips you can use for marketing your small business during Covid-19.

Google / Yelp:

Update your google and yelp pages with the most recent information on hours of operation and services. On Yelp you can also add an owner’s note letting people know what you are doing to stay safe, and also how much community support means to your business.

Social Media:

Social media platforms have seen an increase in usage since March, a likely result of people needing to feel entertained, connected and informed during these times. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great tools because you can reach your customers where they are and communicate with them visually.

You can use social media to assure your customers by showing them how you’re keeping your business and customers safe. Post pictures of staff taking precautions - wearing face masks or sanitizing surfaces, or how you’ve implemented social distancing. Show off any new services you’re offering. If you’re now offering pick up at your retail location, show them the process with photos of the pick-up window. If you’ve had to adjust your menu, show them the new creations you’re now offering. Customers will look to see when you last posted to know whether or not you’re operating so make sure to post regularly.


While the above tools are great for the digital world we live in, having physical signage on-site is also a great way to keep your customers informed. As people drive or walk by, outdoor signage will let them know you’re open for business. Some simple, cost-effective signage options are banners, a-frames, and window signage.

It’s also important to keep your customers informed once they are inside your business. With social distance floor decals, reminders for hand washing, and even acrylic separators, you can visually remind customers that their health and safety and those of your employees are number one. You can also check here to see a full list of COVID-19 signage options. Plus it makes for great social media content.

With a few simple updates, you can allow your customers to feel at ease returning to your business. Customers will appreciate the extra attention to safety and feel valued. It’s up to all of us to keep each other safe and to support our communities in these times. We will get through this!

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