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1951 was moving into a new retail space that needed to communicate its brand story to the customers as soon as they walked through the door.  Working with their design agency, we made sure the creative elements that told the unique story of the brand were captured and executed precisely to bring it to life.  This custom project required specifying materials and solutions to be used on wood, concrete, tile and glass, covering walls and floors. As a high traffic space, the solutions we provided not only needed to look good but also needed to be durable to endure the wear and tear in order to last a long time.  The result was a project where we did whatever it took to make sure the brand vision was executed flawlessly so 1951 could continue to focus on the good work it was doing. We have since worked with 1951 to open their 2 new locations with quick turn-arounds, short install periods and custom execution.


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